Botswana – April 2014

Botswana has long been one of my absolute favourite places to visit. In April 2014 it was great to be able to take my sister Debbie, her fiancé, Dave, my Mum, Rosie, and her partner, Lardy to experience the place I love so much. We were able to spend 14 days in some fantastic camps seeing a wide variety of amazing wildlife.

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Botswana Trip – April 2014

Antarctica and Iguacu Falls – December 2013/January 2014

I managed to do all seven continents in one year, twice in a row, making it to Antarctica in both 2013 and 2014 (same trip). It is such a stunning continent with it’s huge ice-caps and glaciers as well as lots of interesting wildlife. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and finished off in the much warmer area around Iguacu Falls.

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Antarctica Trip – Dec 2013 Jan 2014

Borneo and Komodo – September 2013

I had always wanted to see orangutans and in September 2013 my daughter Beka, her partner Tom and my nephew Sam joined me on a trip to Indonesian Borneo. We spent time in the jungle with the apes and then headed to the Komodo area where we spent time snorkeling and diving as well as seeing the giant komodo dragons.

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Borneo Trip Notes

Capetown, Botswana and Namibia

I have long had a love affair with Africa and was excited and a little nervous to return for the first time on my own in April 2013. This would also be my first trip to Capetown and to Namibia. As expected, I thoroughly enjoyed my time, encountering amazing wildlife, stunning scenery and some lovely people.

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Capetown, Botswana, Namibia – April 2013