A Glimpse of India

Friday 20 May 2022 Mid-afternoon we drove to Montpellier and caught a flight to Amsterdam, trading the clear blue skies of southern France for the clagged in skies of central Europe. We are always impressed flying into Amsterdam by its neatness; from the air it looks like all the streets and buildings have been meticulously […]

It’s a Hard Road Home

We talked a bit in the last post about traveling in the world of Covid. In Europe it’s reasonably easy. Leaving Europe to head to South America is a little more difficult. Forms and more forms. Tests and oops the results don’t arrive so its another test. Luckily Sylvia is really good at that stuff. […]

A visit to Thun, Switzerland – the home of B&T precision gun makers.

Friday 11 February 2022 Thank you to all those commenting on the Blog. We really enjoy reading your comments. Feeling slightly guilty about the  ease of  travelin Europe and having looked up on line that there were no Covid restrictions preventing us from traveling to Switzerland, we set off by car at noon for the […]