Mediterranean Cruise Oceania Marina – Part III: Santa Cruz de la Palma to Lisbon and Home

Monday 10 June: Santa Cruz de la Palma: Roger After another night of smooth sailing we arrived at Santa Cruz de la Palma. La Palma is another volcanic island; with its base 4000m under the sea and rising to over 2400m and with sea clouds giving it plenty of rain, it has a good supply […]

Mediterranean Cruise Oceania Marina: Part II – Casablanca to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Thursday 6 June – Casablanca: Roger At 0800 we disembarked the ship on the port side. On arrival at  Casablanca the ship  turned around just outside the port and backed in. We strolled through the customs area unchallenged as the ship takes care of all the immigration side of things. We just had to show […]

Mediterranean Cruise – Oceania Marina: Part I Rome to Gibraltar (Cadiz)

Saturday 1 June – Embarkation: Roger We had a late relaxing start to the day. After sitting around chatting for a while, we took a stroll around the Fortezza Michelangelo and along the sea wall to Pier 12, where the Oceania cruise liner, Marina, was docked, having arrived early this morning and disembarked the passengers […]